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Should we set up a blog for our website?:

... and honestly, what do we have to blog about? There's plenty to write about, but what would be something interesting which a.) people would want to check out and b.) would have a positive affect on our business' ranking or placement?

This is an interesting question, and one that probably does not have a right or wrong answer (after all, optimization is more art than science, or maybe it is more magic than science, either way, there are very few real facts to guide us).

Let's think a moment about blogs. It is true that search engines love blogs, especially Google. But, there seem to be very strict requirements that need to be met before a blog can be beneficial.

First, it has to have real content. The content must be original and targeted. "What I did on my vacation" and "pictures of my son's first birthday" are not going to cut it.

Secondly, a blog must be updated regularly, at least once every other week, preferably daily, or even hourly.

Even when a blog is active, older posts (all posts are time-stamped) lose all search engine indexing in a short time. They die and go away.


The questions arise, who will do the writing on a regular basis, and, is it really worth the effort? For companies whose business is dynamic and always changing, like SEO, a blog is a natural add to their online efforts. But even then, the effort is significant. You will notice that I do not have a blog. I don't have the time.

A better option might be to just produce new pages as often as is practical. Post a page that really enhances the site, produce a new sitemap that you submit to Google, and you end up with a lasting asset. The effect may not be as immediate, but it will last.

If you do decide to create a blog, make sure the format allows you to host it on your domain. Remote blogs (like Google's Blogger) are definitely inferior from an SEO perspective.

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