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Hope, I appreciate your two very appropriate questions. It gives me a chance to expound. Bringing clarity to my sales presentation is a continuing challenge.

Let me start with a simile. I promise to move toward specificity as I explain.

My initial work, the structural refinement of the site, is much like a landscaper's task.

I eliminate pests (correcting coding errors):

--- Each existing page has coding errors (eight errors on the homepage). For the first time in history, Google is penalizing sites for coding errors. With the release of W3C's newest markup standards, Google is demanding that high-ranking pages be constructed with validated code. Page errors now result in lower search results position. The positive effect of fixing these errors is significant.

I fertilize the soil (adding underlying meta tags):

--- Required meta tags are missing. There are no or tags. Title tags exist, but are all the same, minimal, and ineffective. Title tags should be different for each page and describe, in sentence form, the contents of that page. All page titles currently read the same, "Company Name ".


I plan the layout (decide what keywords to use, where they should be placed, how many times to use them):

--- There is not enough meaningful text available on each page. Search engines do not have enough text to support high-ranking indexing. The total actual text available on the existing homepage is:

The total does not constitute a good description of the company. The full company name does not appear in textual form.

At this point we are ready for spring (the site will rank well in Google's indexing).

Monthly optimization/marketing operations are similar to tending a prize garden.

I provide irrigation (link-networking, providing incoming links so that Google sees that other people consider your content valuable enough to link to).

I watch for infestation (ongoing competitive analysis to make sure we maintain a clear path to the top of search results).

I weed and replant withered plants (reworking text and tags to achieve maximum search result position).


I expand the garden (constantly adding content so that new client populations can be addressed and new keywords emphasized).

By now I imagine you are as tired of this overworked simile as am I.

Specificity in describing what I do on an ongoing basis is difficult because the process is very opportunistic. For one client I may spend two entire months enrolling their site in link directories, because that is the available resource that will get them to the top of their industry. For another client I may spend that time adding text to their service description webpage to overcome a specific competitor for a specific search term. Needs and opportunities drive the process. Traffic numbers and actual business generation prove the value of all that effort.

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