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As we work day to day, we encounter companies that deserve recognition and that we want to help by promoting them online. These remarkable companies sometimes are dissimilar in every way but one. That singular similarity is that they are founded and managed by outstanding individuals who inspire us to care about their success. Some are over achievers whose success is the beacon that we follow. Others are just beginning to realize their own special talents. In all cases they have demonstrated human traits that transcend the norm and business acumen that ensures their eventual and lasting success.

We recognize that a relationship with these companies benefits us at least as much as it does them. Therefore, with all the best of intensions, we hope that Google will somehow recognize the relevance of each entry on this list of links and give each company credit for an incoming link from a well-ranked site. More than that, we hope that the people who founded these companies will recognize our admiration of each of them.

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