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Keywords - Are They Still Important?

Keywords are at the heart of online success and are terribly important to any website optimization effort. But, not in the way you are probably thinking!

Keywords as meta tags are useful in a minor way. Some Search Engines still use them for categorization, but only as supporting evidence. Onscreen textual content is the most important aspect of categorization.

Keywords as a site development tool and business focusing agent are invaluable! Successful websites must be focused. They must contain textual content that explains in detail the subject matter of the site.

Before the first HTML is placed, before a logo is designed, keywords must be identified. As a business operator, you have to know what words and phrases identify your business. Online businesses have to determine what words their potential clients will use in searching for this particular business. Those exact words must be used throughout the site.

Without proper use of keywords and key phrases Search Engines cannot know exactly the subject of your site!

SEO people talk about keyword density and syntax. These terms do actually mean something. Proper implementation, using current search engine preferences, can make a difference in your site's placement. But, don't forget CONTENT! Properly constructed sentences, topical paragraphs, original content, and an exact explanation of the focus of your site will give you a big start toward online success.

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