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#1 Google Trends:

This is a great tool for business owners who are selecting keywords and phrases.

Compare the popularity of search terms. Track a term's usage over the last few years. Google stops just short of telling you how many people searched for a particular term. They give only comparative volumes. But still, it is a wonderfully useful tool.

#2 Experimental Searches:

Keep in mind that Google is still experimenting with these. They may change or go away at any time.

View Results as a Timeline:
Search for historic people and events. See the results in a detailed timeline. Wonderful research and homework tool!

View on a Map:
See results pinpointed on Google maps. Good for events and destinations.

View Additional Information:
Tell Google to display related information such as, dates, measurements, locations, images. You decide!

#3 Google Labs:

Take a look here from time to time. Google premiers features here that you won't find yet in regular search (like Experimental Search described above). No telling what you will find from day to day. Always interesting.

#4 Google Numbers:

Now everyone knows that Google works as a calculator, right? Just type in a formula or question, 1+1+?, or 12in=?cm, for almost any combination you can think of, and Google gives you the answer.

But, did you know that Google recognizes common number formats such as UPS tracking numbers, vehicle VINs, FedEx tracking numbers, patent numbers, etc.!

Here is a sampling:

UPS tracking #s
format: "1Z9999W99999999999"

Fed Ex tracking #s
format: "111111111111"

USPS tracking numbers
format: "1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 11 "

Vehicle ID (VIN)
format: "AAAAA999A9AA99999"

#5 Word Definitions:

This feature has had an interesting evolution. Originally, to have Google define a word, you needed to type "definition:" before the word you wanted defined.

But, there are even easier ways.

Now, you do not need the colon. Just type "define yourword".

Or, simply Google the word. The definition is likely to be the first results clip.

If not, at the top of the results page the word will appear in the blue horizonal bar. Next to the word is an underlined link "definition". Click the link for a complete definition and etymology of the word.

#6 Movies:

Want to choose a movie for tonight? Google "movie:yourword". This Google feature is really well developed. You don't need to know a full title. A keyword will do. Use a director's or an actor's name. Search for showings in theaters near you.

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