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Rule #1 for SEO Success - Content is King!

Content is King! Offering free, valuable, expert information is the key to long-term search engine success.

Do not be stingy with content. Make your site into one that interested people will go to for free subject matter. Keep content topical. Don't try to be everything for everybody. Tell your potential customers what you spent your entire career learning.

Don't invest in tricks. Don't plan your long-range success on pay-per-click. Never spend more on advertising than you can comfortably afford. Build a great site and invest in a good, simple site promotion program designed especially for your business. If you offer detailed, complete, topical, expert advice, you will not need to spend much on optimization!

There are numerous online sources of free content that anyone can add to their website. Unfortunately, sites that use such content gain little, if any, benefit.

Search Engines reward original, unique content. Site owners must use their expertise on the subject of their website to create original, detailed content to be posted on their site.

Be original. Be generous. Stay topical. Share your expertise.

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Content is King!