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Kenny, In response to your question, "Why should I learn SEO?," all I can say is, the demand is there! Take my situation as an example of what you might accomplish. I can sell the work. I have a long, fine reputation that drives clients to me in a steady stream. At this point I am cherry picking the best clients from a long list of prospects. My problem is that I cannot grow without help. There is a limit to how much I can raise prices and still retain clients (not to mention my self respect - I don't like price gougers).

The industry is not without problems. There is a constant churn in the client base. People disengage from optimization campaigns for a number of reasons. In fact, a completely successful campaign virtually guarantees that the client will call a halt. There is only so much growth a company can handle. I have to be constantly selling. I need to have several projects waiting at all times.

I am happy to share with you as much as I can accommodate. I hope that someday we might even work together. I can certainly sell enough work for several technicians.


In the meantime, read everything you can. Join several of Google's forums. Start using Google Analytics and webmaster tools for every site with which you are associated. Dig into the data for each site until you start to see the patterns.

Realize that most "optimization" is not done on-site. Most is done on other sites that drive traffic to yours. Learn all about link networking and referral sites. Find all available free directories that apply to the website with which you are working. Be sure to list on Google Local Business, Linkedin, Yelp, YellowBot, Yahoo free listing, DMOZ,, etc, ad infinitum.

Dive into optimization as a numbers game. Learn Googlese until you can find anything, first search, top of the page. Then, remember that the whole reason for optimization is actually MARKETING. Optimization does no good without conversion to real business. A successful optimizer knows more about online marketing than does any conventional marketing expert.

After all that, you are ready to start viewing SEO as a potential endeavor.

Good Luck!

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