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What is Google's role in our world?

Most people know and accept that Google is the single biggest corporate influence on our daily web experience. Many, maybe a majority, are conscious of the fact that Google is a company that has a responsibility to its stockholders to generate income. Logic dictates that Google therefore must be compelled to maximize profits to the best of their ability.

Why then, does it surprise and anger so many individuals when Google makes decisions that might actually produce profit?

Why do otherwise rational citizens become enraged when Google fails to act as though altruism is their one and only goal?

I understand that fear of giant corporate greed is the source of all this angst. I share the general fear that Google will eventually destroy all vestige of privacy. And, I am anxious about an eminent future where Google's whim decides whether my business flourishes or fails. But, I am not unrealistic. Google must strive for profit. Google is not engaged in machinations to oppress the world. They may well want to own a large portion of our existence, but they are not out to destroy us.


We have seen the age of the railroads come and go. Big steel lost its grip four decades ago. Microsoft, as big as they are, failed to own our souls. Google's time has come. Their fantastic growth is benefiting us all. Just as we benefited from all the prior monopolists, our lifestyles and business endeavors will gain from Google's successes.

There may well be pain. Corporations may be inherently evil. It may be that the larger the corporation, the more evil they become. A huge corporation like Google, with all its influence over our lives, cannot for long avoid doing evil. But, I believe that we individuals will gain more than we can possibly lose.

It is time we quit being fearful of companies just because they are rich. While we certainly should continue to be watchful, I see no reason to try limiting Google's success.

We allow companies like Google to approach the edge of monopoly in order to gain from the unique resources that come with extreme wealth.

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