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Search Engine Optimization – SEO – Web Marketing – Web Site Design

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the secret to a superior website. SEO is not tricks and subterfuge. It is good site structure, great content, and imaginative marketing.

We guarantee outstanding search engine results for your business website. Our web marketing services assure success. We custom fit our web marketing offer to each client and each specific market. We focus more than two full decades of successful online marketing and promotional experience on expanding your business goals.

We are proud to continue our tradition of supporting transitioning companies. Growing companies require quality services and outstanding results as do our nation-wide and international clients. No company is too small to excel on the web. No corporation is so large as to be beyond needing online marketing.

Internet marketing evolved along with the enormous growth of the web itself. In 2005, almost overnight, every commercial website suddenly needed SEO.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO – Web Marketing – Web Site Design

What threshold was crossed that made SEO an absolute requirement?


Search Engine Optimization, aka, Search Engine Marketing, website optimization or web marketing, become absolutely essential when the average consumer acquired a broadband connection. Suddenly, the telephone company's Yellow Page directory stopped producing. Print ad results quit paying the cost of advertising. Direct mail responses fell to all-time lows. People, your customers, were no longer looking to printed pages for their shopping needs. With the arrival of DSL and cable, today's shopper turned to the web. Their connection is now always on. Google and Yahoo provide faster, more comprehensive information than does any form of printed directory. A shopper can simply type in what they want to shop for and the computer screen instantly tells them where and how to purchase exactly what they want.

Online-Promotion.Net is a worldwide leader in search engine optimization (SEO) and expert web marketing.

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Santa Clara, California

Jeffersonian Institute
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Jefferson, Texas 75657

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Australia toll-free: 1800 065 140

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About Online-Promotion.Net, Search Engine Optimization Pioneer

In the Internet world, we are an exceptionally old company. Most SEO companies have formed rather recently in response to the current wave of web marketing opportunity. They waited until they saw a need and then created a new company to fulfill it. Online-Promotion.Net is the only company that grew organically from the very beginnings of Internet search, before the web existed.

Over a billion seconds ago (1993) our founder, Preston Taylor, created one of the world's first 100 privately owned web sites in the world, to sell software online. The concept was revolutionary. Software would be digitally downloadable instantly from anywhere.

Problems abounded. It was nearly impossible for the average user (at that time all users were online pioneers, i.e., scientists, university students and staff, researchers, etc.) to download a binary file without corrupting it. It took four months of cooperative work to perfect a process using BINTEX encryption and decryption before first successfully transferring an entire application over the internet.

How to attract customers? At that time search engines hardly existed.

About Online-Promotion.Net, Search Engine Optimization Pioneer

In 1993, Archie and Gopher were the primary navigational tools available and they searched only by file name. The first international service for web users was Compuserve Forums. Practically anyone who did anything online was a member of Compuserve. It was the place for cutting edge conversation and collegial support. Preston Taylor promoted his web sales by spending late hours online participating in forum discussions, helping others.

Then the Big jump!...from the Jurassic to the Renaissance (1994). Lycos and Webcrawler began being used by thousands (a big number at that time!) of internet browsers. Google (originally called BackRub) and Yahoo were Stanford University research projects. Yahoo was a manually compiled index of the internet. Early SEO efforts included email messages directly to Jerry Yang, David Filo (Yahoo), and Larry Page or Sergey Brin (Google), asking for our site to be included in their databases.

Google takes front stage: By 1998 the writing was on the wall, Google had the technology of the future. Since then, we have not taken our eyes off the Googleplex in Mountainview, CA. Now, with Google driving most of the world's online traffic (est. 70%+ of all web traffic), each commercial website competes directly with millions of sites. To rank high in search, a website must be close to perfect.

About Online-Promotion.Net, Search Engine Optimization Pioneer

Today, sites must be updated weekly in order to keep up with what Google prefers. Content syntax has to comply with Google's expectations and interpretation. PageRank has to be maintained. In addition, the other "internet traffic cops" (Yahoo, Bing, directories, vertical search engines) cannot be forgotten!

Directories and Vertical Search Engines are extremely valuable, especially when optimizing a site for local consumption. Localization requires specialized design, manual submissions, local content, and attention to detail. If your site caters to a local clientele, you cannot afford to ignore your Chamber of Commerce or Realtors Association Board. Such entities vary by locale. Researching where and how to be included is time consuming. But, it is one that no commercial site can afford to ignore.

Today, Online-Promotion.Net is still a family owned SEO business with staff in widely dispersed places around the world. We do most of our consulting and sales work here in the U.S. Two locations comprise our main U.S. presence, Santa Clara, California, and Jefferson, Texas. In Russia, we employ 18 to 25 programmers/developers and administrative team members, to develop enterprise-level software applications. In Australia we have one remarkable partner operating semi-independently, extending our service offering (ESYNRG.COM).

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About Us

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO: defined as - "Designing and redesigning a web site so that it does well in organic, crawler-based results of search engines." But successful search engine optimization is much more than that.

Specifics of how websites are optimized changes almost weekly. Google, Bing, and Yahoo change their algorithms and weightings continually in an effort to refine search results. This constant change is what makes professional optimization worth paying for. Only full-time attention to the vagaries of search engine evolution can keep you current with what is necessary in order to excel online.

In today's competitive world, optimization goes much further than organic search. Social networking, conversion maximization, and complete online marketing integration are all part of the professional website optimizer's repertoire.

Search Engine Optimization has expanded into Website Marketing. Every website requires a comprehensive marketing campaign in order to be competitive in today’s online marketplace.

Is paid submission necessary?

Paid submission for major Search Engines is almost always a waste. It is so easy! Submission should be done as a free service by your site designer, or as an initial free service by your SEO company. You can do general submission yourself. Log onto or any similar list. Browse each search engine for their "submit" or "addurl" page. Follow instructions. It is that simple.

For more specialized submissions, to vertical search engines, directories, DMOZ and local sites, perhaps the average site owner needs a little guidance and help. But, don't pay for it. Paid submissions, even those as inexpensive as $19.95, tend to cause problems down the road. Botched automatic submissions can ruin your chances of being included in DMOZ and certain categories in Google and Yahoo.

How are keywords important?

Keywords are the simplest, most condensed, definition of your site's content. Identify keywords as an exercise in identifying your business. Use these targeted words in your online text. List them as meta tag keywords. Use them in your page titles. These are the terms your potential customers are using to search for what you are selling.

How much should I spend on optimization?

I am tempted to say, "All you can afford!"

Search Engine Optimization services come in all price ranges. If you have a simple, basic site and no budget, start with a site survey. Ask the SEO company to give a text report with recommendations. Work on the recommendations yourself. Survey and report for a basic site might cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

If you have a budget for online marketing and/or web advertising, spend it on optimization first. An ongoing optimization campaign can make a real difference in the success of your business.

Corporate programs in the most competitive online categories must spend at least several thousand dollars per month on an ongoing basis in order to compete.

Mass retailers will spend as much on optimization and positioning as they spend on All their other marketing and advertising combined..

Does my site need professional optimization?

Yes. If you want more people to view your site, the answer is simple. YES!

Online competition is just too strong to overcome with just a good site. The numbers are overwhelming. Most search terms return millions of results. If you sell, promote, distribute, or advertise ANYTHING online, you need ongoing, professional, optimization.

Much of the work you can do yourself or an employee can do it. Corporate sites are often maintained by in-house staff. Staff works with the SEO company to keep the site on track and competitive.

Is optimization performed only when my site is first built?

Although initial optimization is necessary, an ongoing campaign is needed as well. If you are lucky, your site designer will confer with an SEO professional during the initial site design. Building pages with optimization in mind allows you to focus the entire content and layout on the desired outcome. But, once is not enough. It takes time to complete an effective optimization/marketing campaign. And, things change quickly online. Websites have to change in order to stay competitive.

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Online-Promotion.Net SEO and Website Design Services

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Website Design, Online Marketing, Website Promotion, Video Optimization. Online-Promotion.Net's search engine optimization and web site design services (SEO) cover the spectrum of website design, marketing, and promotion:

Content Optimization
Link networking
Search engine submission
Local directory listings
Search engine submission
Affiliate building Competitive analysis
Traffic analytics
Conversion analysis
Keyword tracking
Online news releases
Website heuristics
Market research

Online-Promotion.Net Website Design Services

Website design requires a thorough knowledge of web marketing and search engine optimization. Many website designers focus too tightly on artistic presentation and ignore marketing, promotion, and SEO. Online-Promotion.Net provides both artistry and marketing expertise.

As the web grows into tens-of-billions of pages, every site must be optimized in order to have the slightest chance of being discovered by prospective customers.

Online-Promotion.Net designs sites that comply with the highest structural standards for search engine compliance. We include recommended elements that many talented designers do not even know how to implement.

Our sites are attractive and effective. Our online marketing expertise produces the highest quality, most effective, most successful web-based businesses and organizations in the world.

Our sites are beautiful, stylish, technically superior, and effectively marketed.


Once a website is launched with proper structure, validated code, extensive keyword usage, and useful meta tags, the ongoing on-site optimization efforts consist primarily of site enhancements, new content, and modifications made in response to competitive analyses. As soon as a site is launched, most of the optimization effort refocuses on off-site marketing.

Off-site optimization is a complex, dynamic, somewhat opportunistic endeavor that is individually planned for each client.

The exact services used to promote your website will vary slightly from those others need. Don't be sold on a preset menu of services. Your company is unique. Your business practices are unique. Web marketing (website optimization) is successful only when your company's unique features are communicated and promoted over the entire web.

Search engines are tools that can be used to great advantage by savvy businesses.

Online-Promotion.Net brings provides optimum online exposure and guarantees your business growth.

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Why choose Online-Promotion.Net as your SEO provider?

We deliver effective Search Engine Optimization that is individualized to your specific needs and scaled to your budget.

With Online-Promotion.Net you get outstanding results. Our existing clients are successful. You will be too.

You get the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services you need and achieve your success goals, while still affording the cost! We make it all happen. By carefully selecting the SEO services that best fill your needs; we achieve great results while providing a positive return on your money.

We teach those on a restricted budget how to do much of the work themselves. We perform the more technical tasks while you manage the basics. We keep you moving toward success in spite of the most severe budget limitations.

Whether your budget is a few hundred dollars or $20,000 per month, we produce impressive return on your investment. Let us show you how.

Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of any online effort.

Any situation wherein a part of your goal is to increase the number of people who see your site, the answer is optimization.

But, the techniques used for online retailing might not be appropriate for your site. In fact, each effort is unique. Every retailer targets a specific audience, serves a particular area, and relates to certain other subjects.

An automotive repair shop in central California will optimize entirely differently than will an offshore software development firm.

Don’t get caught in a big ‘machine’. Many optimization firms do it ‘by the numbers’. Every client fits into a predetermined pigeonhole. What is good for one is supposed to be good for any other.

We believe in individualization. To succeed you have to be the very best in your specific category. Optimization and site design must be individually tailored to best present your product, best respond to your competition, and best identify your area of service. There is no universal package that will do all that.


Our clients range from one-person bedroom operations to international corporations.

Social Networking is a broad term that refers to a growing number of multimedia tactics. Online-Promotion.Net stays current with the most effective avenues and the newest opportunities. Our clients stay at the growing edge of online marketing.

Custom, state-of-the-Art, multi-user, multi-interface, database-driven applications are the top-of-the-line proprietary solution for the largest online clients. Our expert development team can show your IT management team how to maximize usability and return on dispersed applications.

We are still a family owned business with staff in three widely diverse nations around the world. Here in the U.S. we do most of our consulting and sales work. In Russia, we employ 18 to 25 programmers/developers and administrative team members, several of whom are partners in the company. In Australia we have one partner who operates his own independent staff (ESYNRG.COM).

Whatever your goals, whatever your scale, Online-Promotion.Net will tailor an online marketing program to fulfill your needs.

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Why Choose Us?


3235 E Loop 390 N
Marshall, Texas 75672

Online-Promotion.Net / SPTFire Computer Services
Santa Clara, California
408-857-2526 Hosting and Domain Registration
PO Box 1021, Jefferson, TX 75657

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Contact Us

Preston Taylor, SEO specialist

Preston Taylor

Preston Taylor, a California native, began exploring his interest in web marketing in 1991 while collaborating with a Russian programming team to market digital, downloadable desktop software to a worldwide audience.

Preston Taylor’s first two years of working on the Internet preceded the World Wide Web. His initial business efforts were groundbreaking, pioneering efforts in providing downloadable media to the public.


Online-Promotion.Net emerged in 1995 as one of the world's first Search Engine Optimization companies that continues to be a family run company. Although Preston’s wife, Ellen Taylor, runs her own brick and mortar business, she has devoted countless hours to building and shaping Online-Promotion.Net. In the early days, she often travelled alone to the Soviet Union (Russia) to confer with programmers and carry cash payment for their salaries (highly dangerous travel in those unstable days of the Cold War and Russian Mafia control). Her constant support and imaginative insights add invaluable strength to the entire operation. Steve Taylor, the oldest of their five adult children, specializes in website design and maintains the Santa Clara, Silicon Valley, California location for the company.

Preston Taylor lived most of his adult life a few minutes north of California's Silicon Valley, near San Francisco, in San Mateo, Oakland, and Alamo. In 2009, Ellen and Preston Taylor moved to historic Jefferson, Texas and established Online-Promotion.Net’s Texas headquarters in the Jeffersonian Institute Environmental Education Center.

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Preston Taylor


Brook Furniture Rental,
Furniture Rental and Leasing, with retail centers across the country and furniture clearance centers in major metropolitan locations. Our involvement is SEO consultation only, beginning September, 2008

ENTACT Environmental Services,
International provider/contractor of heavy-duty environmental remediation services. Our optimization efforts began October, 2007.

A subsidiary of Brook Furniture Rental, an online forum for home stagers. Site construction and optimization. Site re-launched September, 2009.

Lincoln Aquatics,
Commercial pool equipment and supplies, serving large aquatic facilities, contractors, municipalities, etc.

Products and Services to Help People Get a Good Night's Sleep.


Fashion & Art Revival,
Ellen Taylor's women's clothing boutique in Jefferson Texas (recently moved from Oakland, CA). Designer fashions, vintage & resale clothing. Site design & optimization by Online-Promotion.Net. Site launched September 2006.

Derek Mueller,
Illustrator, portrait artist, graphic artist, storyboard/comps, the greatest skill set for commercial and artistic graphical work of any talent in America today. Site by Online-Promotion.Net

Sierra Business Solutions,
Guides companies through business practices, data control, customer handling, & infrastructure planning. Site design & optimization by Online-Promotion.Net. Site launched July 2007.

My Thai Kids,
Orphanage in Thailand caring for and educating children whose mothers' succumbed to the sex trade and died of aids. Site design by EyeGravity. Our optimization efforts began July, 2007.


Bruce Rizzo, DC,
Chiropractic care by one of the Bay Area's finest practitioners. Specializing in Active Release Techniques™.

Fast Cat Welding,
Mobile welding service in Orangevale, CA. Serving Sacramento metro area. Fast Cat is fast, professional, and personable, all at a fair price.

Heritage Land Bank,
Co-op lending bank for rural properties, homes, farms, ranches, and recreational properties in Texas.

Systems in Motion,
Norwegian technology company specializing in computerized 3D model manipulation. Serving military and industrial clients. Optimization client since 1997.

Beauty and the Book,
A most amazing business run by an amazing woman, Kathy Patrick, founder of the Pulpwood Queens.


Advanced Office Systems,
Professional filing and storage systems, design, equipment, installation, and training. Site design and optimization by Online-Promotion.Net.

Sierra Financial Group,
Enterprise consulting, mentoring, turnarounds, temporary executive replacement, financial planning, negotiation, and business structure guidance.

Clutches N More,
Skilled and ethical automotive repair in Stockton, CA - Specializing in clutches, brakes, differentials, transmissions, drive axles.

Hearts Bluff Game Ranch,
Hunting, fishing, picnics, luxury lodging, gourmet meals, all in a beautiful East Texas setting.

Otstott and Jamison, P.C.,
Personal injury and mass tort attorneys, Dallas, TX, Terrell, TX, Jefferson, TX.


Advanced Flow Solutions,
Rebuilder and supplier of mass flow meters & controllers for Silicon Valley high-tech industrial uses. Site design and optimization by Online-Promotion.Net. Site launched January, 2007.

Jeffersonian Institute,
Education and Event Center - Specializes in "Green" infrastructure training. Building is available for banquets, weddings, and corporate events.

Boo Benefit,
Burn victim cycle run in Jefferson Texas, draws 30,000! Proceeds to, Percy Johnson Burn Foundation and Shriners Children's Burn Hospital.

International site for ENTACT Environmental Remediation Services. This .EU site targets European search engines and multi-language viewers.

Window Kingdom,
Window replacement in Texas.

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